Tony Hammons and I were back at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center on Saturday 15 September 2018 to shoot video for Kristin Chambers’ EP release. It was my first time seeing a show in the Abbey’s downstairs stage. Kristin Chambers’ voice really takes advantage of that expansive upstairs area, but I think I preferred hearing her at the downstairs venue. It’s a little darker and intimate, well suited for her songs and banter.

And that there is why I’ll never be a music writer. I wanted to say that the venue is well suited for Kristin Chambers’ mix of soulful, jazzy songs. But I worry about throwing around genre labels. There’s a pretty good chance I’ll get them wrong. I do know, though, that her powerful voice fills a room and will have you on your feet dancing in no time. (I think she should play Vito’s Lounge on First Hill.)

Kristin Chambers shared the stage with Tekla Waterfield and The W Lovers. I hope all three play locally again soon. I think a small outdoors venue on a crisp fall evening would do the trick nicely.

We were there to shoot video, but I snapped a few photos here and there. Have a look at the slideshow and then go catch some local music.