I used part of today to clean up my photo catalogs and hard drive. I’m fighting that constant battle of trying to keep my laptop’s internal hard drive free of clutter. I hardly use it at all for permanent storage, but I still only have a little more than 1/2 empty. I’m debating whether I’ll try to also delete some of the thousands of bad shots on my main external hard drive.

One of the nice things about photo organization time, though, is that you get to revisit old photos. These photos are from (I think) Parsons, West Virginia. I left Washington, DC, in the spring of 2016. I drove through West Virginia, which is always a beautiful drive. I stopped in Parsons for some coffee at the McDonald’s and experimented with my X100T. I think Parsons was part of the area that got hit hard by flooding that year. I can’t remember if that was before or after this photo, which was probably about late March 2016.

They aren’t great images, and I haven’t got any accompanying notes that would make for compelling travel writing. If you’ve ever got the time to drive through West Virginia, you should do it. I’ve included them mainly for a quick Lightroom discussion. I have a lot to learn about Lightroom, but I have gotten better since this trip. When I first looked at these photos I tried to salvage them by increasing the exposure slider. That didn’t do much, and I moved on. Today, though, I brought up the shadows, which really made the bridge a better photo. I still wouldn’t say it’s good. I also wanted to test out Squarespace’s Gallery blocks to see if that offers a speedier alternative to single image uploading.