Last night I saw Pebble n the Crick play a show at Belltown’s The Crocodile. I like that band. It was a beautiful day and night weather-wise, so I walked to the show and back.

Back in Capitol Hill, I passed that strange little concrete park at Denny and Olive Way. The empty chairs and overturned table caught my eye. Earlier on my way to the show I saw a group of people sitting at the tables and enjoying the weather. Night and day, as the saying goes.

I’m posting the photo primarily for photography nerds who might commiserate with me. I set all of my camera settings back to default auto after the show for the walk home. I wanted to be ready for that documentary photo that would land me in the photojournalism hall of fame. When I brought this photo into Lightroom I noticed the 1/200th second shutter speed. What? Then I remembered that I had set 1/200th as the minimum shutter speed in ISO(A1). I can’t remember why. It doesn’t matter. Check then double check your settings idiot.

Capitol Hill (1 of 1).jpg