Fuji Qs (?): Identifying film simulations in post, shooting with 1 memory card

Regardless of how many times I read the Fuji manuals or research online to answer a Fujifilm X Series question, I invariably forget the answer and have to retrace my steps. I figured I’d start trying to track some of them here as I go. This post probably won’t interest many people.

The Fujifilm JPGs are beautiful. Can you identify the film simulation used in Lightroom?

I don’t see the film simulation listed in Library view. I’ll search online. According to the dpreview forums, you can use an EXIF plug-in for LR or separate apps. I can’t justify the extra steps. I can usually tell by looking at the files.

I removed the Slot 1 memory card to upload my photos. Can I shoot photos with a card in Slot 2 but not in Slot 1?

I tried taking a photo, but I couldn’t. The consensus online was that you could shoot with an empty Slot 1 if the save option was set to sequential. When I couldn’t take a photo, I thought this was either incorrect information or a difference between X Series cameras. When I moved the card from Slot 2 to Slot 1, I realized that it’s my card that occasionally switches to protected. I flipped it back to unprotected, reinserted it into Slot 2, and I was able to take a photo.

The protect/unprotect mechanism on SanDisk cards is frustrating. It’s 2019, and this seems to be a poorly engineered mechanism that hasn’t been changed since the early days of memory cards.