Trump can't understand why he has been impeached

I believe that journalism, robust, hard-hitting, skeptical journalism, is a critical component of a functioning democracy. Unfortunately, I think our journalists disappoint again and again. I have this small part of my blog that looks at journalism, and it’s a waste of time. I’m under no illusions – it’s just me over here typing away on a platform that lets me post if I pay the bills.

Why do it? I still hope that the media entities will get their acts together. No, that’s a lie. I don’t think there’s a chance in hell they’ll get their acts together. So my reason probably has more to do with procrastination and the fear of having to spend time on something that actually matters.

CNN is click-bait. They all are. But it’s really disappointing for CNN to be click-bait. They have incredible resources and reach. Smart, hard-working, journalists would love to be writing for CNN. Here’s what CNN gives us.



That’s some headline. I was curious about how the impeachment proceedings might be distracting a president who already always seems distracted. Before I continue, I should note that his stamina is impressive. Late nights, rallies, lots of lying, etc. Sure, things are easy when you have that kind of money and a staff that sees to every normal daily challenge, but he’s managing to throw on a suit and tie every day.

I also thought it would be interesting to see if he seemed genuinely confused about the impeachment or if he was engaging in theatrics. But I didn’t learn any of that from the article. The headline was pretty much a distraction. it gets repeated in the opening paragraphs before the article switches to an overview of the impeachment.

Who writes these headlines? They’re always misleading, they’re always click-bait. Here are the opening paragraphs.

(CNN)Donald Trump has appeared “distracted” by the impeachment trial that begins on Tuesday, according to a source close to the White House who speaks to the President regularly.

“Why are they doing this to me,” the source quoted Trump as saying repeatedly, telling people around him this weekend at Mar-a-Lago that he “can’t understand why he is impeached.”

Trump has been telling associates and allies around him that he wanted a “high profile” legal team that can perform on television, the source said. It’s simply who Trump is, the source continued, adding Trump loves having people who are on television working for him. 

This in part may explain why Kenneth Starr and Alan Dershowitz were added to the legal team representing the President.

That’s it. Trump is “distracted”, in quotes, with no additional context. What does that mean? Ahh, he’s distracted. Tomorrow as I’m making coffee at the office (this is imaginary, I don’t work in an office…if you love my photos and writing, we could talk about me working in your office…I should get back to it), I’ll ask a colleague if they’d like a cup of coffee before asking them what they think about the president being distracted. As I reach for the Coffee-Mate (this is also imaginary, because who uses that shit) and offer it to my colleague, I’ll say, “Poor guy doesn’t know why he’s being impeached. Can you imagine that? Shouldn’t they have to tell him why he’s being impeached?”

There are 25 more paragraphs in the article. None of them seem related to the headline.

These posts feel like useless rants. I’m going to log off and go attack a windmill. Save some birds, make the world a little safer for ARAMCO.