Quarantine Watch

Misdirection. I’m listening to Lakmé: Act I – “Dome Epais” (Flower Duet). It’s 0100. Seattle is quiet. I want to open all the windows and blast this. But it’s on my laptop. At best (worst) I’d wake up my next door neighbor. How many movies has this song been in? I hate Google It, but I just did. I’m too tired to look at multiple links. Here’s an NPR article. I want to read it tomorrow because it explains what the song is about. I’ve listened to this song a thousand times and have no idea what it’s about.

Tom Hardy and Mads Mikkelsen are two of my favorite actors. The other day I opened Netflix and watched Legend. It’s about the Krays, the identical twin brother gangsters who ran the crime scene in 1960s London. There was another movie about the Krays. I think it starred the lead singer of Spandau Ballet. Was it Brian (Bryan?) Ferry? Doesn’t matter. Tom Hardy plays both Ron and Reggie Kray. His performance is excellent, and the movie will make you want to visit London’s East End. The movie is ok. There’s absolutely nothing in it that will surprise you aside from the acting. If you’ve seen one movie about a gangster who can see an alternate future but who can’t quite free himself from a life of crime, you’ve seen them all. They can still be fun to watch, just know that you’ve heard the tale before.

Netflix queued Polar for me after that. I really enjoyed it, but I attribute it all to Mikkelsen. He’s just fun to watch. Is there anyone with more of a dead pan delivery? As with Legend, there are no surprises here. The movie follows a very well established formula.

Given its title and main actor, I assumed the movie would be set in Scandinavia. Turns out it’s America. The setting is wonderful.

That’s all I’ve got. Hope everyone’s well. Oh, one more thing. Mom and dad, you would hate both of those movies. Trust me.