It ain't pretty in there...

I may start a YouTube channel – world’s worst cook. I bought some asparagus on Sunday. I can’t remember the last time I bought fresh asparagus. I wasn’t sure how long it’d last in the refrigerator, so I decided better safe than sorry. I started sautéing the asparagus before planning anything out. Chaos ensued.

I chucked some garlic in with the asparagus. I watched a video yesterday of a cook starting with the garlic. I figured I’d burn the garlic. I don’t like burned garlic. I took that little combo off the heat, wishing that I had cut the asparagus into smaller pieces before-hand. I chopped them up, but the audience on my future YouTube channel would be shaking their heads. Idiot.

My bag of sweet mini peppers is also at risk, so I threw a bunch of them into a pan. Sizzle. I added two heaping handfuls of spinach. I added all of that to the asparagus and garlic. Time pour le piece de resistance. The egg. Fried one up. I never know how long to fry them. Into the bowl it went. Sriracha, habanero sauce, and cayenne pepper.

Late lunch. I really should have saved some for later.

Looking for something to read? I have a suggestion.

The Lost Diaries of War

By Nina Siegal and Josephine Sedgwick April 15, 2020

Incredible. According to the authors, when Germany invaded The Netherlands, a call went out suggesting that people keep diaries throughout. There was this realization that they’d be important down the line. I guess the diaries were forgotten for a long time, but now the Dutch are making renewed efforts to get them transcribed. It’s a fantastic article, and it may make you want to start one during the COVID quarantines.

This was my favorite part from the article.

“The most valuable diaries are the ones where they wrote about their own feelings, or conversations they had on the street or with family, or how they felt about the persecution of the Jews,” said Rene Kok, a researcher with the Dutch archive, now known as NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies. “The best diarists are the ones with courage.”

Hope everyone is doing well. Oh, I forgot, I added a can of Hatch green chiles to that lunch mix. I love green chiles, but I think the “hot” is exaggerated.