Health Care in America, Big Media Style

Health Care in America, Big Media Style

I’m going to start with a disclaimer. Actually, a disclaimer about the disclaimer. Or maybe it’s a caveated disclaimer? I have some inconsistent positions on disclaimers. In theory, in 75% of the cases (that’s an easily researched 6 Sigma double blind percentage), disclaimers aren’t necessary. People are adults and can fairly navigate the treacherous waters of information.

But I’m not leaving this one to chance. I am about to talk some shit about some purveyors of medical information and health policy. I think it will be readily apparent that I’m talking about the Big Media Celebrity Docs. I am not talking about the amazing people risking their lives to keep people safe or medical professionals who are methodically helping us understand some…really weird scary shit.

I don’t think I’m going to write much more. I’m going to let a picture say 700 words, and I’ll add in the rest. Dr. Drew. As an idiot teenager I listened to him on Loveline helping teen dudes understand why so and so hadn’t returned any of the 40 voice mails said teen dude left. Dr. Phil. I have never watched anything Dr. Phil. I remember him being a part of the Oprah show, and I knew then that I’d never follow him for medical advice. A good thing, too = I read he’s a doctor of psychology. Don’t quote me on that, and I’m not dissing psychologists (there’s another disclaimer). Dr. Oz. It’s clear he’s a lifestyle doc for the internet age. I’m sure the three of them are wonderful, caring people. I’m not sure why they’re having much of a say in how the United States tackles a pandemic. So here’s that picture.

Image from an article on Yahoo. Link -

Image from an article on Yahoo. Link –