8pm on Capitol Hill

I’m slowly – very slowly – practicing with audio. My progress is moving at glacial speed. I’ve taken the recorders out a couple of times right around 8pm. Are people in your neighborhood cheering for all of the people working hard to help us get through this pandemic? It’s a nightly occurrence in Seattle. In fact, it’s starting up right now, 8pm on 17 April.

I’ve included some audio below from last night. Some very meandering commentary from yours truly, as well. There are some really good yells and cheers in here.

I know why audio technicians are so important. Well, we all know good audio is important. We’ve all heard bad audio, and it’s not pleasant. In trying to learn some of the basics of audio, I think I have a better appreciation for how challenging a profession it must be.

I have a few audio components. Some were bad buys. I try to avoid Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS), but I haven’t entirely succeeded. That shotgun mic seemed like a good idea at the time.

Lately I’ve been sticking to the following items:

Zoom H5

Zoom H1n

Røde Wireless Mic (which I say way too many times in the audio below…my lack of audio skills will immediately show that they’re not paying me to say their name or to appear in this blog, despite its huge audience of 5-10 people depending on the month_

A lavalier mic. I can’t remember if it’s a Røde or a Sennheiser. I should probably look that up in the receipts.

Adobe Audition. Have you ever opened Audition? There are a gazillion buttons and menus. I think I now know 3 of the buttons or commands, give or take 2.

Hope everyone is doing well.