I took a short walk tonight. My belt is telling me that I need to take longer, more frequent walks. I have a mask now (from @thriftchoppe), so no excuses. I took my camera. It was nice to shoot some photos. They were pretty lousy photos. Rushed. After more than a month of COVID, there’s that nagging internal voice saying get inside. That’d be ok if the voice sounded like Dr. Fauci, or better yet Parker Posey, but unfortunately it’s just me. Getting inside is sage advice. When I’m out it’s pretty quiet, though.

I walked south from my apartment over towards the Pike Pine corridor. Pre-COVID, it would have been busy on a spring night. People finishing up dinner at Oddfellows, grabbing a book at Elliott Bay, treating themselves to a scoop of ice cream from Molly Moons. A chance for the Capitol Hill industry folks to catch up with locals after what would have been an influx of partiers on Friday and Saturday.

It was quiet, really quiet. Like everyone else I’m trying to imagine how and when things return to normal. And is the new normal going to look a lot different? Ok, I wrote it – normal and new normal. I couldn’t avoid it, but I am sick of hearing those expressions and seeing those headlines. I won’t write them again.

I’m putting the photos in a slideshow below. Faster to upload the images. Some might be repeats or slight variations. I was playing around in Lightroom. I haven’t done much of that in a while. I get rusty fast. I got hungry while I was doing that, so I heated up some Great Northern Beans (whose north?) with some spinach and poached an egg.