It was time for some fresh air, so I combined that with a quest for some Wahl clippers. The mop on top of my head needs to go. I struck out at Bartell’s, but I picked up a few things I needed. I liked seeing that most of the employees were wearing masks, and everyone inside was very respectful about space. I’m making a wild ass guess here – I suspect that in general Bartell’s treats its employees better than CVS and Rite Aid. Again, total guess based on my unscientific bias in favor of smaller, local companies. I was also amazed to see a few bottles of hand sanitizer behind the cashier. They looked locally produced.

I took a few photos of the murals on the shuttered businesses. I’m glad artists have done that. Can’t wait for those murals to no longer have a canvas. I wonder if Capitol Hill or someone will try to preserve some of them. Probably not. I think when this is over, people will be so excited to have the community back that those will fly off the windows. I want to make the rounds a few more times to take photos of them, but I will not be walking anywhere near Cal Anderson Park. Way too many people hanging out. Fresh air and green space are vital, but sitting in large groups, with a head nod toward distancing, doesn’t seem like a great idea. I’m really glad I got the last photo in this slideshow. It looked to me like an artist visualizing their work. Maybe the person was just scribbling for a good time call 8675309, but I doubt it. Looking forward to seeing what goes up there.