Back with some more random thoughts, audio style. I’ve been enjoying learning how to work with audio. I’m still terrible at it. I went for a walk the other night and recorded the track below on a Zoom H1n with Røde Wireless mics.

Setting the input volume is still a total crapshoot. I’ve learned how to adjust the volume in Adobe Audition, and for this one, I learned how to adjust the volume in different sections of the track. I think the sirens are still too loud. Apologies in advance. (I hate that expression – apologies in advance.) I realized that I was exporting as a WAV file and not an MP3. The MP3 files are much smaller. I’m curious if there’s any noticeable difference in sound. I doubt it.

The audio is actually two different clips. I’ve also added in a short recording of some of the 8pm yelling/cheering on Friday 24 April. There are some strange yells and cheers in that one. I promise the yells aren’t for a horror movie. Apologies in advance.

The main clip includes some coronavirus chat, so if you’re not up for thinking about COVID, I’d skip it. But if you do listen, you can hear about my run in with a Capitol Hill crow.