The Searcher

Nope, not the John Ford John Wayne type. Was that a John Ford movie? For years, on and off, I have been trying to find an essay I read in the early 2000s that suggested America had gotten too big, too divided, and should consider returning to the oft-maligned model of the Articles of Confederation. (Not the same as the Confederacy.)

Like any no account writer, I have a bunch of moleskine notebooks floating around with half-assed story ideas that, at 3am after a few Rainiers, seem like the next Grapes of Wrath. 99% of them are actually the Grapes of Shit. But in my notebooks’ defense, more than a few times I’ve seen some of those half-assed ideas pop up in the minds of actual writers and movie makers. Proof positive that it’s easy to have ideas.

Anyways, I have some more Moleskines waiting to destroy. I’d love to find that essay. Normally I’m pretty good about stringing together enough snippets of keywords to find what I’m looking for, but I cannot find this essay. If it rings a bell among the 5 people who stop by this site, let me know.