Tag you're it

This post is about something that will bore most anyone reading it to tears. Recommend skipping. Partly talking to myself, but I figured other photographers have a similar internal dialogue, so I figured I’d post it in case one of them stumbles in here and wants to chat. If you keep reading and find yourself bored, I’ll be pissed if you toilet paper my yard in revenge. (Haha, yard, joke’s on you vandal.)

Digital organization is not easy. I saw on the interwebs that Roselit Bone’s Victor Franco was celebrating a birthday. I love that band, and I wanted to post a photo or two with a HBD message. Victor is an incredible guitarist and singer, and he has presence.

I had a couple of photos in mind. One small problem – I have thousands of photos of Roselit Bone shows. I use metadata and file structure for my archives, and I can usually find photos pretty quickly. But the photos I had in mind were eluding me. That’s bad. It’d be inexcusable if I were a tour photographer. I don’t think most people realize what goes into being a top notch tour photographer.

I found a photo I liked and posted it. That wasn’t difficult. Like I said, Victor has presence. But I was frustrated that I had some specific images in mind and couldn’t locate them in 5.minutes. I started going through Lightroom, but I thought i’d try to benefit from the use of tags and categories here on Squarespace.

The problem is that I don’t see an easy way of searching tags. Squarespace says that tags are displayed on every blog post, but I’m not seeing that. There’s an option for displaying tag clouds, so I thought I would give that a go.