Shoulda been a tweet (or perhaps a tweat)

The other day I wanted some quick protein. Scrambled eggs. But I dropped the eggs into the skillet, not a bowl. I said screw it. Any chance the whisking in the bowl is just an unnecessary step? Added some butter, can’t remember if before or after the eggs. And then just stirred the hell out of them over heat. I haven’t got a sophisticated palette – tasted fine to me.

But then I got to wondering if there’s any debate over the sequence of steps for scrambled eggs. Turns out Gordon Ramsay whisks his in the pan. I gave it a shot. He’d probably have me thrown out of the kitchen for the result, but I really liked them. I don’t think I’ll do it that way again, at least not exactly.

I chucked in a couple of eggs, butter, and then later some Laughing Cow cheese. (Still hoping for that Laughing Cow sponsorship. But for now, rest assured, Laughing Cow is not paying me to eat that cheese.) Again, tasted really good, but that cleanup wasn’t fun. I bet Mr. Ramsay has some pro level dishwashers.