Blogs are better - grateful for comments

My apartment is baking. It was chilly the other day (the best), and I forgot to open up the windows. Today’s heat sneaked** up on me, and now I’m miserable. I have a roll of film I want to process, but the idea of going into a dark bathroom to load the reel is daunting. Have you ever developed film at home? If so, you’re probably able to spool the reel in a couple of minutes, and are no doubt wondering why I’m such a whiner. I am not good at getting the film on the reel. There’s a good chance I’ll be in that tiny bathroom for what seems like hours, sweating bullets, worrying I’ve ruined the film as my legs fall asleep and I utter F bomb after F bomb.

So I did what I do best. I procrastinated. Logged in here. Greeted by an awesome comment from Jason about Bremerton and the Pacific Northwest. The online world is full of promise and pitfalls. We all have to determine how we want to engage online. For me, in person connections are the best, but I don’t think that means online connections are shallow. But I’m skeptical of the huge platforms. They work for a lot of people, but I know I wouldn’t be able to maintain the facade of claiming to engage with gazillions of people.

I like my little corner of the internet. Feels like I have pen pals. A few blocks over TB is checking on her pickled vegetables and reminiscing about Capitol Hill restaurants of old. Jason is a few blocks further on, navigating strange COVID times in Madison Valley. My mom is in Phoenix, looking at photos or just starting to catch some Zzzzzs.

Thanks for taking the time to comment here. The comments are my favorite part about this little whacky blog.

Jason, can you send me your WP site or IG or whatever again?

* The asterisk from above. Sneaked or snuck? I am inconsistent in its use. I want it to be sneaked. Why make things confusing?