I hope Twitter implodes

I unsuccessfully deleted my Twitter account a long time ago. I say unsuccessfully because I still get email notifications about Twitter posts.

Twitter dumbs down conversations, and it has given rise to a cottage industry of snarky, dog whistle twitter bites.

We’re standing on the edge of a cliff. I’ve lived in three countries that tore themselves apart. There were a lot of foreign voices trying to have their say in those countries. I’ve been on the diplomatic circuit. The embassies that served booze were always popular.

There are people in the United States who have clearly decided they want to see it unravel. They’re not familiar with the amount of suffering that ensues. In most cases it’s better to fix the leaky faucet than it is to tear down the house.

Spend an hour on twitter and you’ll see it. I wish I could explain it better. I’m not smart enough. I think one of the best things that could happen for us is for journalists to get off Twitter, for all of us to stay off Twitter. That’s easy to say. It also happens to be a very powerful tool for people to shine a spotlight on police brutality.