Something's brewing

I went for a walk. Wanted to do a Hopcast AKA Old Man Walks Around and Talks to Himself. Total failure. I just couldn’t get any momentum, no long stretches without other people. That’s the last time I’ll try that in this part of Capitol Hill. It was going to be a nightmare to edit.

I pulled the plug on it when it started looking like a big protest was brewing. I first thought something was up when I stumbled on a group of bike cops chilling in the parking lot just east of the softball fields. Then I saw a couple of people on Pine decked out in black, faces covered, helmets, backpacks, etc.

I walked around a bit more and then did a loop to head home. Walked back the same way. There was a big group mustering near the bathrooms between the fields and Cal Anderson proper. I walked over there but quickly realized I was not prepared to be there. People were geared up. When I saw the 6’3” dude in protective pads, all black, carrying something that looked like a baseball bat in his backpack, I knew it was time to go. I briefly considered changing and heading back to get photos, but sometimes it’s best to go with your instincts. Staying home tonight.

If you’re not looking to be in a protest, I recommend skipping the Cal Anderson area tonight. If you are protesting, be safe, be careful.