Capitol Hill

Interesting to read about last night’s protests in Capitol Hill. As usual, the best source is the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog.

When I read a tweet by Elizabeth Turnbull indicating that protesters broke windows at Likelihood, a shoe store, I worried that Capitol Hill was sinking into chaos. A shoe store? But as I read the CHS article, I got the sense that none of the protesters’ targets were random or unplanned.

That’s speculation on my part. According to CHS, the Neko cat cafe was damaged. I can’t figure that one out. (Update: CHS updated their article to say that the Neko information was incorrect.) But I’m guessing that the protesters – Antifa? – chose their targets based on owners’ activities, links, or policies.

Confusing times. I don’t know what to think about anything anymore. I only mention my thoughts above because I bet most of the coverage will convey a sense of anarchy and out of control looting and violence. I suspect that’s inaccurate. Will be interesting to learn more.

Stay safe everyone.