A first...

I had a big, late lunch today, so I wasn’t sure I’d eat anything for dinner. I ended up firing up a snack, but let me back up.

In the past, I wouldn’t have told you what that lunch was, because I’m a weird eater. A weird, weird eater. But one of the only good things about getting older is – now I just don’t care. I made a mackerel, chickpeas burrito.

Man I like having tins of mackerel and sardines in the cupboard. Branched out last week and got a tin of smoked rainbow trout. That was delicious. I’ve thought about trying to go vegan, but damn, fish and cheese. Eggs too, but there are substitutes I could live with.

For this burrito it was only the finest (I am available for ridiculously lucrative sponsorships) mackerel – King Oscar Mediterranean Style Royal Fillets. Long live the King! (DM me King Oscar, this blog is valuable marketing real estate.)

I heated up the tortilla, because I’m not a monster like TB, “warmed by frittata” claims aside. Added in a bunch of…hold on…have to go check a label…that’s how professional lifestyle influencers roll…24 Mantra Organic curry powder. Probably some dashes of a few other things. And then the last of the Stonewall Kitchen Spicy Tomato Salsa. Rolled the dice with that one. It’d been in the fridge a while. Can salsa go off? I’d call it a success, but like I said, I’m weird.

Just overheard part of a phone conversation. “…but if you wanna get hella fucking jacked, lean muscle, looking GOOOOD, the calories you’re at…” And then the speaker faded off into the night. Come back, don’t leave me hanging like that. I feel like I was privy to 1/5 of the DaVinci Code.

Be right back, going to knock out a pushup. That conversation was inspiring.


So I ended up getting hungry. A bit peckish if you will. I have a bag of green beans. I love green beans. But I have never cooked them. Maybe heated up a can of them in a random college drunken night. That bag has been in there a few days, and I did not want to suffer another planning/Home Econ fail. I looked up easy green beans and clicked this link – Quick and Easy Green Beans at myrecipes by Robin Bashinsky.

Skillet, green beans, 1/4 cup of water, 3 minutes. Butter, salt, pepper, one more minute. Delicious. I was close on the times, I forgot (too lazy) to trim the edges on some of the green beans. I hope that’s not a fatal act of laziness. I’m still typing, so there’s hope.

Green beans are an amazing food. I need to eat more of them.