3 Acts

3 Acts

There's always a little bit of a let down after the New Year, even if you don't go for the hype. I made sure to remind myself over and over that it's just an arbitrary day on the calendar. Still, there was a bit of a let down.

One of the first pieces of news I read was about a favorite local spot having its windows broken by protesters. I'm not going to mention the place because I don't want to bring them more grief. One thing I've learned in life is that tired night owls should not comment on current events. But I hope we get past broken windows fast.

Don't stress if you didn't do your black eyed pea part in ensuring global good fortune. I ate enough for Capitol Hill. You're welcome.

I took a few photos in the waning days of 2020 that I'm happy with. They're not good photos, and I'm not being self-deprecating. We can like photos while also acknowledging that they're not good photos. I haven't summoned the motivation to post them. But here's one, heavily cropped. Made me laugh. Seemed like a play of 3 Acts, a photo re-telling of life and relationships. (Again, heavily cropped on a 27mm pancake lens - if you zoom in at all it turns to pixel dust.)

Capitol Hill Seattle
Capitol Hill, Seattle, 31 December 2020.