Shoulda been a tweet: What's missing?

I renewed my subscription at the New York Times. I have mixed feelings about that. I cancelled my subscription for a reason, but as with so many things in 2020, my reasons for doing so are a bit of a blur. I think it was mainly because of the opinion section and a fascination with access journalism. I can't wait for Thomas Friedman and others to retire.

But the NYT is able to cover a lot of things that others simply can't. Like this article on French publishing houses. I hardly know anything about the publishing world, but I'm fascinated by it. Gatekeepers? Do they help ensure that incredible writing gets out into the world? It all seems so romantic and exciting...which is also a good indicator that there's likely a much darker side.

The NYT is paywalled. If you can't read that but would like to, my subscription might allow me to email the article. Just give a shout, and we can give it a shot - sbhopper8 at the gmail.