A film, some film, a Hopcast

A film, some film, a Hopcast

It has not been fun, but I think I'm done tinkering with the new web home. It's like a tiny home on a forgotten sidestreet on the information superhighway. And that's just fine.

I'd prefer that the blog scroll in a single column, but we're in Operation Market Garden territory here. Don't be greedy, Scott. The site works, it loads.

A film

Segue. Have you seen Blade Runner? There's a test the Blade Runners administer to determine if a person is human. I forget the name of the test, but I can recommend a better one. One simple question. Do you forget to cancel things after the free trial?

I cancelled Netflix and Amazon Prime after I'd given them more money than I intended. There are silver linings. Babylon Berlin.

I forgot about HBO Max. Tonight I fired up Harley Quinn Birds of Prey. I almost gave up on it. The intro is an overly long montage of narrated starts, stops, and rewinds. I pressed on, because what the hell else am I going to do. I ended up enjoying it.

Women are clearly the main characters, and they know they're the main characters. Good stuff.

Margot Robbie turns in a great performance. Fine line they play with Harley Quinn. Criminal mastermind, violent sociopath, but also occasionally capable of tenderness.

That's tough to pull off. They did it pretty well on one of my favorite shows, Firefly. Mal and his band of rebels took to a life of crime to evade the evil empire. Their crimes conveniently never really hurt anyone.

(Mom and dad, you'd hate it.)

A Hopcast

Before I start rambling really bad - the point of this post was to test the audio features. I aim to keep audio (for now) under 20 minutes.

Old dude walks around and talks to himself.

Some film

I pushed my luck developing some Cinestill BWxx last night with some aging Cinestill monobath. Cinestill says it can be used for two months after opening or X# of uses (I forget the number). My bottle of it might have been older than two months. It worked ok. Skilled developers might say the tones are off, but that's the least of my worries. I haven't got a great Sunny 16 eye for metering. (If you develop at home, give Cinestill's monobath for black and white a try. Everything in one bottle.)

I took these photos over the past month or so. Nothing special, just meandering around Capitol Hill and Seattle. I struggled a bit scanning them. When the Epson V800 doesn't accurately identify the images, it can be a pain in the ass. I ran one set through the Silverfast scanning software. Haven't used that in a while. That has its own challenges. I'd say it's a little easier to set the negative outlines with the Silverfast than it is with the Epson software.

Good scanning is skilled work. I'm not a good scanner. If I wanted to be proficient I think I'd have to get a big monitor. A couple of years ago my left eye started going a little wonky. The small images used in the scanning software don't make things easy. I'm sure there are workarounds. If you get the borders of the negative wrong it can affect how the scanner calculates exposures. I think.

A bigger monitor would help, but just knowing the ins and outs of the software, keeping an area completely dust free, knowing how various films should look. I'm not surprised that pro photographers will find pro scanners and stick with them.

The following two images are from the same negative. One was scanned with the Epson software, the other with the Silverfast. I can't remember which is which. I would like to get better at scanning, so I'll have to take better notes. I think the second is Silverfast. I made some slight adjustments to them in Lightroom, but they definitely looked different from the start.

Volunteer Park Seattle
Volunteer Park, Capitol Hill, Seattle, August 2020.
Volunteer Park Seattle
Volunteer Park, Capitol Hill, Seattle, August 2020.
I've always loved that garage door. Capitol Hill, Seattle, August 2020.
Volunteer Park Seattle
Bummed about this one. I probably shot this at f/16 | 1/500th second | and assumed the BWxx 250 is close to box speed. The highlights were blown. If I did shoot it at 1/500th, I'd like to see what it would have looked like at 1/1000th (the FTb's fastest shutter speed). Volunteer Park, Capitol Hill, Seattle, August 2020.
Bok a Bok, University District, Seattle. I like it over there and need to get back soon.
Comet Tavern Capitol Hill Seattle
Comet Tavern, Capitol Hill, Seattle, August 2020.
Comet Tavern Capitol Hill Seattle
Same image, different scan. I think the second is Silverfast. The Silverfast seems a little sharper, but it was hardly a scientific comparison. 
Protests East Precinct Seattle
Protests outside Capitol Hill's East Precinct station, August 2020.
Capitol Hill Seattle
Masks Required. This one's overexposed, too. I tried to drop that some in Lightroom, but the image got flat fast. Capitol Hill, Seattle, August 2020.
Volunteer Park Seattle
Volunteer Park, Capitol Hill, Seattle, August 2020.
Volunteer Park Capitol Hill Seattle
That dog just spotted a rabbit. I wish I'd been faster on the draw to catch all the excitement. Volunteer Park, Capitol Hill, Seattle, August 2020.

These are some digitals from last night. Hang in there everyone!

Apartment sunset Capitol Hill Seattle
Umm, what do you call the top part of that building? Cornice? Capitol Hill, Seattle, August 2020.
Blick Capitol Hill
Push slowly, comes out fast. COVID life. Capitol Hill, Seattle, August 2020.
Obligatory Dick's pic. Capitol Hill, Seattle, August 2020.
Broadway Capitol Hill Seattle
I'm only posting this because taking the photo made me hungry for nachos.