I think we can call it Spring in Seattle. I saw people in shorts and t-shirts today. It was warm, and the shorts and t-shirts weren't unreasonable, but I've noticed that people in Seattle have an amazing ability to dress relative to the sun's presence.

I haven't posted much recently. On the front end of things, that's just an absence. On the back end of things...whoa, Ghost (this platform) has made some changes. I'm not tech savvy. I can make minor adjustments when I'm familiar with the system, but with the recent changes, I had a lot of re-learning to do. The tools are all still there, but the garage is different.

I'm worried that the comments section is broken. In a perfect world, it'd be something of a forum. Revisit a discussion. Our brains don't really work that way these days, though. I'm hoping for a comments section that allows 2-3 salvos. But with the update(s), I'm not seeing the old comments. That's ok. Stoicism. I'll be happy with 3 rounds of back and forth, then move on.

If you visit Seattle and find yourself near Capitol Hill Station, I have some recommendations. Post Pike is a wonderful little bar/restaurant. Early in the pandemic I went in there for the breakfast bagels. Over time, I added the veggie sandwich. Now I am obsessed with the baby burrito (I skip the bacon). A surprisingly hearty burrito. And Max is a great neighborhood shepherd.

Post Pike's crowded or not feeling it? Walk across the street to Nacho Borracho. Miles runs an incredible place. Chris, Phil, Molly, and Morgan will make you feel like a part of the neighborhood. Monica and Ryan at T'juana Tacos will serve you some great food.

Looking for something else? Head north. Corvus, Bait Shop, Deluxe, and Cook Weaver await. You just can't go wrong.

The Capitol Hill segue was random. Forgive me, I'm rusty. Also, the photo isn't from the beautiful PNW. Much further south.