Environmental Optimism and Tasmanian tigers

I apologize for always linking to New York Times articles. I know that the New York Times has a pay wall. I think they offer a certain number of articles free per month, and I keep meaning to see if having a subscription allows one to email full articles. If your Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) ever spikes after seeing a link you can't read, shoot me an email and we'll see if we can remedy that. (I can't imagine any of the links I post would warrant FOMO.)

Margaret Renkl has a cautiously optimistic opinion piece. I'm a climate change believer, and I don't often see any reasons for optimism, so I welcomed Renkl's article. I've never seen the name Renkl before.

Yes, America, There Is (Some) Hope for the Environment

Renkl's piece mentioned new species and species previously thought to be extinct. That reminded me of another good article in the NYT about the Tasmanian tiger. Whenever I read about the Tasmanian tiger, I'm always sure to mention Willem Dafoe's The Hunter. Fantastic movie. Quiet, intense, great acting. If you're thinking about watching with kids, there are a few violent scenes. They don't come out of nowhere, though.