Good news bad news

Good news bad news

I tried shooting a roll of film on my grandfather's Leica IIIa before leaving Seattle for Arizona. Ended up finishing it on the road. (Posting this one from the phone, please forgive any typos - hate typing on this damn thing.)

When I went to unload the film, I knew something was wrong, I could tell that the rewind knob was slipping. There was occasionally some tension, so I let myself hope it might have rewound correctly. No such luck. Most of the film was unspooled. I should have messed with the rewind knob a bit more.

Hope springs eternal, or at least one more roll. Loaded some more TriX and burned through that pretty quickly. The rewind felt better, I was confident that the film was back in the canister. It was!

Got my images back today. There's a light leak. Or something. May have loaded it poorly. Regardless, I think I am going to retire the IIIa. Can't afford the uncertainty. It has been a blast using it, though. It's at least 80 years old.

I will post more of the images soon. Until then, this provides a sense of the light problem.

Light leak or something. Oregon, June 2021.