McDonald's, in a different light

McDonald's, in a different light

I can't remember the last time I ate McDonald's. In 2003, my meat consumption dropped to once in a blue moon. In November 2020, Dingfelder's Cometicatessan created an unusual number of blue moons. Anyways...I don't think the salads are pulling a ton of non-meat eaters into McDonald's on the regular.

If I had to make a guess, I've probably eaten at McDonald's at least once in the past two years, probably on a road trip.

It's easy to malign McDonald's. If you're eating there regularly, you're probably not running a half marathon anytime soon. Guess what. I never eat there, and I'm not doing a half marathon anytime soon, either. It's an affordable meal with some hidden long-term costs. Oh ye in glass houses...Their fries are delicious, and when you're driving the interstate, you can usually count on a piping hot cup of coffee and a clean bathroom.

Capitol Hill hasn't got any McDonald's. Off the top of my head I can only think of three big chains in this neighborhood - Subway, Chipotle, and Domino's. This might not be correct, but I think up until 2017 the closest McDonald's was on First Hill, close to the hospitals. It was a retro looking McDonald's - white and yellow. It closed on 28 March 2017. I remember reading Charles Mudede and Capitol Hill Seattle articles about its closing. Excellent articles, with an added bonus of Alex Garland photos in the CHS piece.

I went that day to mark its closing. There was some speculation that it would open back up in the new luxury apartment building. I need to walk over there and see if that's the case. Google it, you say? Boring. I took this photo, and I enjoyed a hamburger with fries.

McDonald's First Hill Seattle
McDonald's, First Hill, Seattle, 28 March 2017.

I'll admit that I like that photo. I caught a moment that I'll always remember, and I don't think it was (overly) invasive. I could walk by this gentleman tomorrow none the wiser. I wonder if he was a regular, enjoying a last burger before it closed. Or was he grabbing a snack while waiting for someone to finish up a medical appointment? Was he aware that was the last day? That's one reason I haven't got journalistic aspirations. A fearless Heidi Groover would have gotten answers to those questions.