There's an ode to breakfast sandwiches in the newest Harley Quinn movie. I know how she feels. I love a good egg sandwich. My favorite in Seattle is the egg, mushroom, and hot sauce version at B Side, which is part of Analog Coffee. I also like Café Argento and Sunny Up (I think that's the name, the food truck.) I'm sure there are a ton of other great ones to try. Suggestions welcomed.

Talked to myself on the way there. Lucky for you my batteries died out. This one clocks in at about 12 minutes. I'm a slow talker, so I ruthlessly cut out the gaps. In my defense, navigating Seattle's hills in the COVID era necessitates starts and stops. If I do more of these I'm going to put them behind an e-mail sign-up/sign-in. Stream-of-consciousness while walking - inevitably I'm going to word something poorly. People who sign-up are much more likely to point it out in an email rather than humiliate you on the tweeter.

Capitol Hill, Seattle, 2 September 2020.

Some shots from the Instax Mini. I played with the settings, but I didn't really notice any differences. Most of these are really overexposed. I could have tinkered with them in Lightroom, but sometimes it's nice to just see what the film does.

Harry's Fine Foods Capitol Hill Seattle
Harry's Fine Foods, Capitol Hill, Seattle, September 2020.
Capitol Hill Seattle
Kate and Boomer, Capitol Hill, Seattle, September 2020.
Space Needle Seattle
The Eye of Sauron, Capitol Hill, Seattle, September 2020.
Capitol Hill, Seattle, September 2020.
Capitol Hill Dogs
Me and Boomer. Photo: Kate Berwanger.