On the Streets: Capitol Hill

On the Streets: Capitol Hill

I still can't believe it's March. Dear five regular visitors, you might get tired of hearing me say this - it's difficult to comprehend that we've been at this pandemic for about a year. Longer, technically, but I think it was late February and early March when people started getting that oh shit feeling. Except for the cashier at the hardware store in Taos who laughed at me for asking if they sold hand sanitizer.

Dude, they're just trying to scare you.

Here's reason #26 I'm glad I'm off Instagram. I know there are people who will emerge from quarantine having learned two languages and ready to tackle their first marathon. I am not one of those people.

It was a beautiful day here in Seattle. I had a light jacket on, and I was too hot. I could do with more of that be present, live in the moment attitude because my first thought was that I'm not ready for summer heat. My second thought was ahh, I think I hear Maestro Pasquale playing violin at Cal Anderson. My third thought was holy crap there are a lot of people and dogs in Cal Anderson Park. (The people were masked and distanced. The dogs, however, were flagrantly breaking all the rules.) There are always people and dogs there, but not usually this many. Some people had a table set up - maybe there was an event.

(Mom, congratulations on the birdie.)

Cal Anderson Park, Capitol Hill, Seattle, March 2021.
Cal Anderson Park Seattle
Cal Anderson Park, Capitol Hill, Seattle, March 2021.
Capitol Hill Seattle
Golden hour and a book. Capitol Hill, Seattle, March 2021.
Union Capitol Hill Seattle
Looks like Union is nearing completion. Capitol Hill, Seattle, March 2021.