Out of the Shoebox: Ice Cream

Out of the Shoebox: Ice Cream

I'm getting a little spammy again, which only reinforces the obvious - my site hasn't got a lot of focus. I try to remember to always turn off the "notify people by email" option, but I'm sure I've forgotten a few times. I sure hope my posts aren't adding to screentime stress.

I always like walking by Molly Moon's. For someone who doesn't eat much ice cream, I sure like ice cream joints. And the Capitol Hill Pike/Pine corridor has (at least) three great options - Molly Moon's, Cupcake Royale, and Frankie&Jo's. And those are just the ice cream for ice cream's sake spots.

Seems like the Hill is missing a gelato spot. Hmm, I wonder if I can use some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to manifest the closing of a gap. Let's give it a try. Switch to your inner dramatic voice over...voice.

Do you make the world's best gelato, gelato that is just crying out for a grateful audience? Well artisanal gelato maker, we've got some news for you. Capitol Hill in Seattle could sure use you. It's a vibrant, growing neighborhood. Everywhere you look there's a new apartment building nearing completion. Know who's going to live in those apartments? Young people in the tech industry are going to live in those Capitol Hill, Seattle, apartments, that's who. And young people love gelato. Young people working from home who haven't made out with a random stranger in a bar in over a year especially love gelato. Carpe diem you wonderful maker of the world's finest gelato - open that independent gelato shop you've always dreamed about.

Vote time - who should voice it? Sam Elliot (never a bad choice), or local drag queen extraordinaire? My vote is for the latter. Or both. Sam'd probably have to take a pay cut.

I've got a weakness for gelato. When I was working overseas I had the chance to meet my folks and sister's family in Italy. We spent a day in Siena. I immediately fell in love with that place. You know how you visit places and just feel at home and get a good vibe? We all got scoops of gelato at a place just off the main...not sure if it's a plaza, a square, or a circle. I think it might be where they have their renaissance horse races. I can't remember what I had for dinner last night, but man, I can remember that gelato.

Molly Moon's Capitol Hill Seattle
Molly Moon's, Capitol Hill, Seattle, September 2017.