Out of the Shoebox: Kremwerk

Out of the Shoebox: Kremwerk

Blurry. Everything is blurry. Increasing vaccinations, troublesome variants, easing of restrictions, fatigue. So close yet so far.

Heightened anxiety.

Is it worse to get sick a week before you're eligible for a vaccination? With these variants going around, I think there's room for saying yes, yes it is, even if it's our minds playing tricks on us.

We're really on the edge of it all, aren't we?

If you're new here, I'll point out something that I think is pretty obvious - I'm not an epidemineurovirologisticianwizard. And I'm not trolling you for thinking I am. The magic 8 ball thesaurus has that effect on people. But I don't want to get sued. CYA, CYA.

I think the state of Washington is looking pretty good all things considered. Fingers crossed. I hope you're holding up. If you've got a pile of dishes in the sink and a mountain of dirty laundry in a corner of the room artfully hidden from your Zoom chats, cut yourself some slack and call it a victory. You're going to clean those dishes and do that laundry...it doesn't have to be tonight, tomorrow, or even the next day. But you can do it.

This photo is from a Cookie Couture DJ night at Kremwerk in 2018. I love it, and I'll never be able to use it for anything other than the blog. Why? There's a chance my friend Tony took it. That's one of the problems of handing your camera to a friend who's actually a good photographer (he is actually a really good photographer). If I took this, it'd be a happy accident. If Tony took this, it's what he meant to take. Possession is 9/10 of the law, Tony. Mwwwahhhaaa.

Cookie Couture Kremwerk Seattle 2018
Cookie Couture at Kremwerk, Seattle, 2018.

Still here? Burying the lede is either a bad thing or an art form. I'd like to think I'm a Picasso of buried ledes. And a Picasso of it should be leads! Walking around lately, peering through venue windows, so many ghosts. This photo struck a chord. I'm going to text Tony a link to this post - hey man, remember that night and the awesome photo I took? Possession is 9/10 of the law! (I think he took it. I hate him.)