Photographing Warhol

Link to excellent article by Alex Vadukul about photographer David McCabe's work with Andy Warhol. And a Brian X. Chen article about staying safe online.

First, the apology. I'm sorry (not sorry) I'm posting a quick link to a New York Times article again. I promised I would take a break from doing that. But this article (by Alex Vadukul) is about photographer David McCabe and his work with Andy Warhol. It's excellent. Also, I think we could all do with a positive story about a different kind of shooting. (I wish there was a way to go back and change a lot of the terms used in photography.)

Since I've already disappointed everyone by caving to a weakness for linking, I'll go ahead and compound the problem. I saw what seems like a healthy, quick guide to staying safe online (by Brian X. Chen). I went in and double-checked my location sharing settings. If you have location settings on for your camera, snap a pic at home, and then send the pic to someone in a text, can they really get access to your location? That's disconcerting.