Salmon Run and the Circle of Life

I haven't been able to say this many times in my life. Tonight I finished a startup business pitch. Lots of typing. I went right through the normal dinner hour. That's not unusual.

My stomach started grumbling, and it's slim pickings in the cupboards. I fired up some pasta and prepped a skillet to heat up some packaged salmon. You know those packages. You have to shake them in a certain way to get the contents to the correct side of the package.

Things were going smoothly, until they weren't. I opened the package of salmon and set it aside while I saw to a few other things. I came back to the salmon, grabbed it, and turned towards the skillet. For some reason, I forgot that I had already done the salmon-package-shake. I repeated the salmon-package-shake. The salmon launched itself out of the package and found 20 different landing sites. WTF!? In any year other than 2020 you have to do an intricate shake dance to get the contents out. Tonight it was like someone had coated the package with WD-40.

Luckily, a small portion of the salmon got cold feet at liftoff and cowered in the package. Just enough to pretend that there was a second ingredient to the pasta. Thank goodness for curry powder and olive oil.