Shoulda been a tweet: WSJ article on lockdowns

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article about the current thinking on lockdowns. I think most of us are trying to limit our COVID-19 reading levels. I know I'm trying, not all that successfully. If your instincts say not to read it, don't read it. You won't regret it.

Besides, the WSJ has a paywall. I saw the notification through Apple News or whatever that feature is in Safari, so I clicked and read. I need to turn off those notifications.

The article is largely a look at how various countries/states/cities responded and then makes the case that hard lockdowns are not the way to go. That description makes it sound like countless other articles that have been written during the pandemic. Many of the themes and questions are similar, but given that we've been learning on the go and accumulating data, this seemed like an sensible update. Don't worry, it's not from the WSJ editorial section - the article is heavy on science. But it also includes a lot of economic forecasts from the big banks and McKinsey, which lowers my confidence.

(Man, it sure seems like we shot ourselves in the feet with a sawed off double barrel shotgun when we hesitated to take up mask wearing. I'll never understand that, or the main health advisers' explanations about why initially they suggested not wearing them. Also, bars, for the sake of my industry friends, turn off the music or keep it really low and get people outside.)