Shoulda been a tweet: Light at the end of the tunnel

Shoulda been a tweet: Light at the end of the tunnel

If you're reading this, you've probably made a typo or a wrong turn in Google. But welcome. I hope you're well, all things considered. You're no doubt very curious about where you've landed. Just an obscure blog out of Seattle. I'm self-deprecating by nature - this blog is HUGE in Japan.

It's late (or early) here, and I made that internet-era mistake of "one more click". I opened CNN for some mindless information hoovering. But it wasn't just another day in the 24 hour news cycle. The main image and story showed Margaret Keenan, 90, getting the first non-trial public COVID vaccine in the UK.

This is huge. A few thoughts.

Thank you, Margaret. That's brave, and your fearlessness and poise will help put people at ease.

I hope the vaccines are as effective as the trials promise. Regardless, Margaret Keenan is now akin to a Neil Armstrong. She'll be in textbooks for as long as there are textbooks. I appreciated the humility - gratitude and a desire to see people she cares about.

Why didn't CNN name the nurse and credit the photographer?  Nurses are 2020 (and other years) heroes. (Edit: I was wrong, they did credit the photographer - Jacob King / AP. Really hard to see, but I was definitely wrong.)

Margaret Keenan
Thank you Margaret and nurse. 

Fingers crossed here. Keep wearing those masks.