Shoulda been a tweet: Local journalism

The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog/blog folks give us an example of how to do local journalism and the importance of local journalism. It celebrates and champions a wonderful neighborhood while also putting tough questions to city government. It's not easy or lucrative.

If you read Justin's tweets, once a week he "jokes" about throwing in the towel. If he does, we'll all lose. I've lived here about 4.5 years. The CHS employs fantastic writers and photographers, many of whom go on to bigger (not better) publications. I'm not a journalist, but I suspect that has more than a little to do with Justin's mentoring.

Why the late night homage to CHS? Because I was curious if my site even shows up in Google. It does! And boy oh boy, that person who clicks on "Next" (next page) 34.25 times is in for a treat! Wait, off track. While doing that Google research (Can I write that time off on taxes? Any Trump lawyers reading this? You can make that work, right?) I stumbled on this article and loved it.

Capitol Hill Community Post | Tasty ways to help Capitol Hill restaurants survive the winter

Posted on Monday, December 7, 2020 - 3:47 pm by