Shoulda been a tweet: The AV Club

I don't watch a lot of shows or movies, but occasionally I get hooked. I'm addicted to HBO Max's Raised by Wolves. I'm worried that it could crash and burn or wrap itself in knots, but I enjoy watching it. Amanda Collin, Abubakar Salim, and Niamh Algar are fantastic. (The internet can be dangerous. I started writing this a while ago, but checked the spelling of Niamh Algar, saw that she's from Mullingar, Ireland, and started reading about its history. Focus man!)

For some shows I'll look up reviews or recaps. I've settled on Arielle Bernstein's writeups at The A.V. Club. I really like hearing her thoughts on the show. I went to The A.V. Club tonight and stumbled on Caroline Siede's When Romance Met Comedy column. Incredible writer, and I'm not even all that interested in Rom-Coms. Her column about Claudine is a wonderful look at a movie I've never heard of and 1970s film-making.

Off-topic. I was walking home from QFC tonight and saw someone loading something into the back of a car. I'm not sure what it was, but my first thought was that it looked like a rolled up rug or carpet (what's the difference?), and my mind went straight to old gangster movies and the disposing of bodies. My mind then went SMACK into a low hanging tree branch. Hurt like hell, and it seemed so loud. I've walked that stretch of street a 1,000 times. I stopped and stared for a while wondering if the limb had somehow fallen into a lower position. Glad I was wearing a hat.