Just read an interesting article by Ashley Fetters in the Washington Post about how the vaccines are testing friendships*, in this case when one of the friends may have lied to get a vaccine.

Oh boy. I can see how someone would be upset if a friend said, "Oh, I just lied." I think we can avoid this, though. At least this is my plan. I decided early on that I wasn't going to ask anyone, "How did you get one?" There are loads of different state and local policies. People may have underlying conditions that they've never spoken about. And in most cases, we don't know everything going on in a person's life. I'm sure there are outwardly healthy people whose emotional health is headed in dangerous directions. If I worked in a restaurant that allowed indoor dining, and my family depended on that paycheck, I'm pretty sure I'd be taking a very liberal view of the vaccine criteria.

In a once in a lifetime global pandemic (let's hope), I'm going with assume good intentions and responsible behavior. (But if you're young, healthy, and emotionally and financially stable, please don't tell me you lied to jump the line.)

Oh, and a bonus link! This article by Paige Cornwell in the Seattle Times about vaxx chasers (that will probably become a drink someday) is incredible. The story is uplifting - you'll be glad you read it.

*Hat tip to Justin at Capitol Hill Seattle Blog for highlighting the article.