Snowed in

I really haven't got an excuse for not doing a deep clean of the apartment today. It looks snowy and cold out. I may try to make it over to Volunteer Park - it's not often that you see it blanketed in snow.

I just finished a fairly mediocre omelette. Haven't been cooking many eggs recently, so I've fallen a notch or two on the mediocre scale. The green chiles and cheese helped. (I was going to passive-aggressively skip the chile brand because they never reached out to me with a ridiculously profitable sponsorship deal...oh well...Los Roast New Mexico Green Chile. So good.)

I re-subscribed to the New York Times. That paper's a mess right now, but it seems to be a trend across the board in journalism and media. They crank out some amazing work, though, when they're not policing language in chat groups or doxxing other reporters.

This article on Gordon Parks, written by Guy Trebay, was incredible. Seriously, you'll want to read it. I wonder if there are any photobooks with his work. (Thanks for the tip Photo Corners blog.)

I really enjoyed this article by Megan Specia about some decades old photos of life in the Shetland Islands that were saved from the trash heap.