The joy of little adventures

A funny thing happened on the way to the Apollo...I've become an accidental blog fanboy. I've been posting too often (no, not some metrics thing, just feels like talking too much), so I'll keep this really short.

I read two great things today, and they were on blogs. And at their heart they are tiny adventures in strange times.

Jason's how i got birddogged by a dainty bird, for bugs.

Kate's TLDR what's up.

TB is stubb...hasn't seen the li...remains on IG. I miss reading about tiny adventures with Lily, so I may fire up an empty, forgotten IG account to be able to follow a few people there. I'm happier no longer posting there or being there regularly, but I also want to hear about others' adventures. Jury's still out on that one - some people can dip their toes in, some people only know how to do a cannonball into the pool off the roof.