On the Streets: Soi in the half light

On the Streets: Soi in the half light

I don't get out much these days, which is a shame. Far below the obvious and most important reason - global pandemic - it's a shame because it's a wonderful time of year in Seattle. This really is a great city.

I know COVID numbers are rising everywhere, including in Capitol Hill. But I am grateful that the vast majority of people in my 1 - 2 mile neighborhood radius are taking it seriously. It's the odd person who isn't masked or who doesn't mask up about 15 - 20 feet away. If I get COVID in Seattle, I won't be railing against people who didn't want the science to be true. As Bill Murray said in Caddyshack, "....so I got that going for me."

I was walking around this evening and bumped into my friend Anjali. She was headed to work. She's a walker, but tonight it must have been extra busy at work because they asked her to get there as soon as she could. She was waiting on a car. I mentioned that I was thinking about takeout. I was 68.4362% headed for Morfire. She asked if I'd ever been to Morfire. We both blurted out that they're the nicest people. Have to listen to the Cosmos when she speaks. Morfire it was. I got the Kao Pad. "Ahh, the usual!" They really are the nicest folks. If takeout is in your COVID comfort zone, give them a try. I think their hours are 4-8 daily. It's a pandemic, those hours could change. Please double-check before I ruin your big dinner party plans. You know, 35 people, hovered around the kitchen - 'Murica!

I took a few photos over a couple of days.

Soi Capitol Hill Seattle
Soi in Capitol Hill's golden fall light. Seattle, October 2020.
No idea what the costume is. Doesn't matter. I love my neighborhood. Capitol Hill, Seattle, October 2020.
Heard a plane and thought I saw a banner so went back inside to grab my camera. 50mm lens, so I knew I wouldn't get a decent photo, but I wanted to be able to zoom in on it in Lightroom to see what the banner was...because I had my suspicions. Any guesses? I'll give you 45 guesses.