We'll keep doing it until we can't

I think about this scene in the Dark Knight when I think about U.S. foreign policy.

Credit: Nizzinny. I think most YouTubers are cool with having their work shared like this. If not, let me know and I'll delete it.

Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. I'm sure my friends' kids will get a war they can cheerlead and then wonder later why they trusted the politicians, diplomats, the generals, and the journalists. Maybe they'll be water wars, or the Arizona National Guard invading Canada to seek refuge from the inferno.

Frank Bruni has a good column today about our arrogance. I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to skip another Afghanistan piece, but you can scroll past that and get to where Bruni celebrates some artful sentences and gives an update on his eyesight.

A nice little coding victory today. I haven't messed with the site in ages, so I forgot everything about how it works under the hood. There wasn't a lot to forget, really. I only knew a few tricks.

I couldn't get the site to do what I wanted. I want to keep things as simple as possible. Every post goes onto the blog. Then, for bigger categories of posts, there'll be a navigation tab up top. I knew how to do that in Wordpress and Squarespace, but I couldn't figure things out here. Ghost Support to the rescue. (The Essays tab should work, but I haven't gotten to the Consuming Journalism tab yet. Haven't decided what to do with that - occasionally come back to the idea of having a little media literacy piece, but I'm not sure.)

**This part is just in case some frustrated non-coder Ghost user is in the same boat as I am - look at Channels vs. Collections.