H Mart wasabi hits different

H Mart wasabi hits different

Capitol Hill has an H Mart (technically their M2M urban convenience variant...ugh, I wrote variant). I love it. I haven't really bought much there, but I like walking around, despite the looming security guards.

I've been on an Asian noodle kick recently. Thanks, Kenji. I need to ask one of my chef friends why there's such a difference in cooking times between Asian noodles and Italian pasta. I have my guesses, I think I've read and forgotten the answer, and I could just look it up online, but that's boring.

The other day I went in for a quick snack. They've got a nice prepared foods section, hot and cold. I got some sushi. I shouldn't make a conclusion about something after just one experience, but I don't think I'll be buying sushi again at QFC or Safeway. I'm sure a few of you are saying, "Duh!" Hey, hope springs eternal.

I sat outside and ate it. I'm used to using a lot of wasabi. Most places have pretty weak wasabi. Not H Mart. Dang, that stuff is not playing around. I can't remember the last time I didn't use all the wasabi.

Started writing this the other day, and now I've forgotten where I was headed. I'll finish it with a fun interaction and some Polaroids I shot in the neighborhood.

The other day I had to go downtown, so I took advantage of the chance to walk around the market. Always a good idea. I should have taken the light rail back to Capitol Hill, but I'm an idiot and started walking. I ducked into a restaurant to grab a beer before attempting the hardest route home - Denny Way, one hill after another.

I'm worried about increasing COVID numbers, and I kick myself a little every time I go indoors, but this may have been partially worth the risk. I overheard a staff member telling the bartender that she builds websites for companies and is studying computer science. I told the bartender that I was envious of people who coded and enjoyed the process. It seems like an ideal career - good pay, about as mobile as it gets.

"Well, what are the skills you've got that others don't?"

"Trying to figure that out."

"It's probably right in front of your eyes. Mine is human. I'm good at making connections."

"I can see that. I am also envious of people who can make good cocktails."

"I studied psychology. Not sure what's next in that arena, so I needed something in the meantime. I practiced making cocktails and spent some time on a beach, meditating about each one. Envision it, make a memory of it, and then you've got it. But I too am envious of people who can build websites. You'll figure it out. Keep watering that seed man."

A Polaroid picture of Seattle's iconic Pike Place Market in summer.
Pike Place Market, Seattle, July 2022.
A Polaroid photo of some classic cars outside Dick's Drive-In for their 10 year anniversary, Capitol Hill, Seattle, July 2022.
Dick's Drive-In, Capitol Hill, Seattle, 10-year anniversary, July 2022.
An over-saturated Polaroid of the vibrant interior of a classic car at Dick's Drive-In, Capitol Hill, Seattle, July 2022.
Dick's Drive-In, Capitol Hill, Seattle, July 2022.
A photo of a window display at Trendy Wendy, Capitol Hill, Seattle, July 2022.
Spicy! Trendy Wendy, Capitol Hill, Seattle, July 2022. I forget what time it was, but it was not nearly as dark as this photo suggests.
A Polaroid photo of Richmark's vibrant loading dock at its Capitol Hill, Seattle location, July 2022.
Rickmark's colorful loading dock, Capitol Hill, Seattle, July 2022.
Queer Bar and Rain City Fit in the half light, Capitol Hill, Seattle, July 2022.
A botched photo of the fountain at Seattle's Cal Anderson Park. One third of the photo is blacked out. I'm not sure what caused the problem.
Houston, we have a problem. Cal Anderson Park, Capitol Hill, Seattle, July 2022.