Trying to beat the clock

Trying to beat the clock
Photo from a Vivian Maier exhibit.

January 2023. No one wants a it's been a while post, so I'll skip past that in hopes of getting this written before February. A wee bit of momentum, perhaps. Hope springs eternal, right? It's 2330 in Phoenix, so I'll need to keep this short if I'm to beat the deadline.

The featured image is from a Vivian Maier exhibit I saw recently. I hope to talk about it some more, maybe in February. I posted it now, here, for two reasons. To see if I could remember how to get these stupid machines to talk to one another and to have a leading image. It was touch and go with respect to remembering how to do it. The last time I updated my laptop's operating system, the internal mapping for everything went haywire. I know I've got a ton of photos on this hard drive, but my Mac tells me that it doesn't know where to find them. The killer robots might be on the way, but we've got some time left.

Back to Vivian Maier. An incredible life. If you're not familiar with her, head to her Wikipedia page. You'll want to read more after that.

I've been watching a lot of movies and shows recently. I've jotted down notes here and there about things I wanted to discuss. I suspect that Chuck, TB, and Jason  have seen some of them. But every time I went to do it, I opted for distraction.

Running out of time. I am going to beat this deadline. A few nights ago I re-watched Tommy Lee Jones's The Homesman. I think it's incredible, but it has to come with some warnings. It is bleak, tough to watch. 1850s Nebraska Territory tough to watch. A couple of days later I read a New York Times article recommending some things to stream, and The Homesman was on it. I watched one of their picks, Gemini; I didn't think it was all that great.

I am very much enjoying The Last of Us.

I've got to end this here if I'm going to beat the clock. More soon. Maybe.