Hitting the links...

I made a good faith attempt to avoid linking to articles for a few days. I think I can risk a couple here.

I've always liked Nicholas Kristof's work. I don't always agree with him, but I appreciate his work and perspective. (I think he angered sex workers and their allies recently with his advocacy for a law or policy that he argued targeted human trafficking. Sex workers countered that it unfairly targeted them.)

His newest opinion piece in the New York Times looks at an example, an extreme one, of how the political divisiveness in the country is affecting families. The father in the family is an evangelical preacher who warns that a violent civil war is coming. An interesting read. I was at times sympathetic with the family and angry with them.

Since I've posted one link, may as well post another. Mom, you've probably read this. If not, I think you'll enjoy it - cooking with a donabe, by Tejal Rao.

Make it a trifecta. In searching for the donabe article I saw an amazing photo of a pasta dish. Holy cow - I want that pasta. The article, by Eric Kim, is about umami. Fun read.