I need glasses to find my glasses

On most days my desk looks like a bowl of cable spaghetti. The cables are all black. USB this, lightning bolt that. My reading glasses are black. Black chameleons. I set them down and they become one with the cables. Shopping list - white or Ferrari red glasses.

I'm taking a short break from Camus' The Rebel, an Essay on Man in Revolt. When I read a section that I think I understand it's like winning the lottery. Is it worth it to continue? Maybe. I nearly gave up, but I loved the introduction to Rimbaud. It's moved into the surrealists and the Marxists now, and I'm hopelessly lost.

I think (that think is the maybe think vs. the assertive think) Camus simultaneously respects and disdains Rimbaud. Respects him for his early work but disappointed that he gave up writing for a businessman's life. But what a life it was. Yemen, Ethiopia, Java (Indonesia), and Cyprus. Shop owner, coffee trader, and gun runner. It starts to sound a little Heart of Darkness. I hope his journeys didn't rest on exploiting the locals, but that underlying formula doesn't bode well.

The sky is orange again on this last day of September 2020. Makes for some dramatic lighting in my apartment, but it's nothing to celebrate.

Speaking of orange, how many of you watched the debate last night? I'm betting that most of us feel disappointed and embarrassed. If these are the best leaders we can find, we're in trouble.

I made myself watch most of it on CSPAN. I may have dozed off once or twice. It all seemed pointless, petty, and childish. I am convinced that the internet is making us stupid, with Twitter and Facebook being two of the biggest culprits. We seem increasingly incapable of nuanced, complex thoughts. I know I haven't avoided it. I'm gratefully free of social media, but I'm still on the 21st century's idiot box too long every day.

On that note I'm going to wrap this up and go do something else. Adding a few articles below that I thought were interesting.