To Resonate

Weather apps are not to be trusted, not entirely. I skipped dinner. Late night my stomach was telling me, pleading with me - that slice from Little Maria's this afternoon just isn't going to cut it. I told myself that it would be best to avoid a late night snack. I was lying to myself.

I checked the weather app on my phone. 59 degrees in Seattle. Perfect. I threw on a light shell and headed for the convenience store. There's no way it was 59. The movement of the trees and the fluttering of the Tyvek sheets lining the new construction suggested a breeze or movement of air, but it must have been occurring well above street level. The air felt still and much warmer than 59 degrees. I was sweating beneath the shell. It has to be the weather app's inaccuracy, not my lack of a pandemic physical fitness regimen.

Fluttering. What a terrible choice of words. Rustling?

I saw four people sleeping unsheltered. Two people sitting in wheel chairs at bus stops. Where will that next bus take them at this hour? Are they waiting for a bus, or making use of a clean well-lighted place?

I got a turkey sandwich. The late night snack world does not hold pescetarians in high regard. In the pantheon of condiments, mustard reigns supreme. Ketchup belongs to the underworld. Hold it at bay for as long as you can. Crisp, crunchy lettuce and a fresh tomato are Valkyries.

In the past few days I've had meaningful conversations and listened to and read a few things that have struck chords. I've heard myself say that resonates several times.

A long walk with Dani who I haven't seen in ages. A good friend who I have probably hung out with fewer than ten times. A phone call with Nica and a discussion about the spectrum of reclusiveness, introversion, opportunities for being alone, and privacy. Ashley Ahearn's podcast and her reflections on journalism after Standing Rock. Sections of Pirsig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Definition of resonate ~ Merriam Webster

intransitive verb

1: to produce or exhibit resonance

2: to respond as if by resonance; resonate to the music; also : to have a repetitive pattern that resembles resonance

3: to relate harmoniously : strike a chord; a message that resonates with voters

I'm not religious and not particularly spiritual. I'd never rule out the idea of the universe reaching out (if you think you can rule it out, show me the proof), but I suspect the explanation is more straight-forward. I'm thinking about something, and my brain is taking in information and shaping it such that it is seemingly relevant to what's on my mind. I may have encountered several conversations or pieces of information in the past week that would have been equally relevant, but at the time I was thinking shit, I need to wash my car.

But it's nice to not be thinking about washing the car and reflect on what you're hearing and reading related to what you're thinking. Oh, and thanks for washing the car, Kate.

I'm glad I pressed on with Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I vaguely recall having a similar experience with Pirsig's Lila. I was close to writing that one off a few times.

He left the classroom, left India and gave up.
He returned to his Midwest, picked up a practical degree of journalism, married, lived in Nevada and Mexico, did odd jobs, worked as a journalist, a science writer and an industrial-advertising writer. He fathered two children, bought a farm and a riding horse and two cars and was starting to put on middle-aged weight. His pursuit of what had been called the ghost of reason had been given up. That's extremely important to understand. He had given up.
Because he'd given up, the surface of life was comfortable for him. He worked reasonably hard, was easy to get along with and except for an occasional glimpse of inner emptiness shown in some short stories he wrote at the time, his days passed quite usually.

Damn, that resonates. Except for the anti-Oxford comma stylistic choice.

I feel compelled to mention that I don't interpret any of the actions that Pirsig mentions above (with respect to Phaedrus) as synonymous with giving up. Those actions are Phaedrus's giving up. Buying a farm and starting a family could be the thing that wakes another from a deep slumber.

Goodnight. Don't put absolute faith in weather apps.