Seasons roll on by

I chatted with a neighbor today while a city worker took photos of his house for historical documentation. His house and the one next to it (maybe others, too) will be replaced by an 8-story apartment building. He and his wife bought the house in 1976. (Paraphrased) We've loved our time here. Wonderful neighborhood, and that house has been very good to us. We always called it the Little House on the Prairie. We had a good run where all of the long-term residents knew one another. I can't remember if he said everyone had keys to  the other houses, or if they just never had a need to lock their doors.

I mentioned that although I understood the need for housing density, it was still sad to see some of these houses go. I hope he didn't take that as criticism for their decision to sell. I'm sure he didn't.

I got a takeout vegetable biryani last night. I walked around a bit while I waited for the order to be ready. I heard this sickening sound of crashing metal on Harvard. I assumed that the scaffolding on one of the buildings had come crashing down. People raced out of a wine bar and from apartments - we all knew something was wrong.

I turned the corner and saw a car flipped on its side in the middle of the road. The response from witnesses was so genuine, orderly, and calm. One guy seemed to take charge, talking to the driver while also calling for help. Others checked around the vehicle to make sure there wasn't some other, pressing danger.

It was impressive watching the firemen work. They all knew their roles so well. No hesitation. No confusion. They cut the driver out in probably less than 10 minutes. I think that's how long my video of the incident was. I assume it was that jaws of life thingmajig. I hope the driver is ok.

I still can't figure out the physics of the roll over. It's a fairly narrow street. I wonder if there is any security camera footage. Puzzled.

I hope everyone is doing well.