Shoulda been a tweet: Ruminations on the Meatless Burger

I live alone. I hope I'm not alone in this - packages and cans should list serving size as "it depends". Hear me out. I know there's a benefit to portion control. Believe me, I know. But I'll be honest. If I crack open a can of garbanzo beans, my math says single serving. I'll dump pasta into the boiling water to the "whoa, easy there big fella" point. Small package of salmon? Like the chickpeas, one is one. I always start with the best intentions of having leftovers, but I usually only make it to the feel good put some in a container in the fridge for an hour before finishing it off point.

I know that was a strange lead-in for a post about meatless burgers. Here's the rub. I had a delicious lunch of pasta, chickpeas, and salmon. Damn that is an economical, delicious combination. Even more economical if you adhere to serving size recommendations. And that's how we get to the meatless burgers.

I needed a small dinner, and nothing appealed. I started thinking about a burger, but I haven't hit my once in a blue moon real burger craving. When that hits, I think I'm going to make it a Smith burger. Plan B is a Dick's Deluxe (good call TB) with a chocolate shake.

I decided to give a meatless burger another shot. Here's my complaint with meatless burgers. They taste great in the moment, but there's a lingering after taste. For me at least. I think it really varies. I got the Beyond Burger from Little Big Burger. That place is great. The people there are always friendly, and the ordering process is wonderfully efficient, fast, and pandemic friendly.

I wolfed down the burger, and it was delicious. But there's that after taste, less so than with the Field Roast, but still there. I think I'm giving up on vegan/veggie/meatless burgers. I hasten to add that my complaints have nothing to do with Little Big Burger. I love that place, and if I went back to eating meat on the regular, they'd get a good chunk of my money.

I glanced at headlines today. I think the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation proceedings (is proceedings redundant?) have started. I just had a glass of bourbon, so I'm not going to wade into deep thoughts that will send me into a panic tomorrow. But anyone who has a trace of objectivity has to recognize that the Republicans are being 100% dishonest with respect to their Garland - Barrett arguments.

They knew when they made their Garland arguments that something would come up that would allow them to weasel out of their earlier positions.  Is there a more deceitful dishonest person on the planet than Lindsey Graham? I'd argue he makes Trump look like a bumbling amateur.

I don't know much about Amy Coney Barrett. I'll read up on her, but I'm not feeling a sense of urgency. Her appointment is inevitable. But wouldn't it have been something if she had acknowledged the hypocrisy and refused the appointment?