Quick post, for momentum

Well, that was a busy January of writing. Made that deadline, but there's always another. I've got 33 minutes to make an end of month - start of month combination.

I forgot to add Master and Commander to yesterday's movie list. It's a wonderful movie with a fantastic score and great acting. Based on Patrick O'Brian's work. I first heard about the author through my dad's brother. He was a big fan, which means they are probably very good books. Books I intended to read.

The movie and the actors pull you in. You want to make Lucky Jack Aubrey proud. You want to overhear Aubrey and Maturin playing classical music as they sail into battle or discuss leadership and human nature. Unless you're Killick, the captain's steward.

I've been re-watching clips here and there, listening to the score on repeat. And then a cosmic intervention. I got in my car to run an errand and KBACH (KBAQ) was playing Vaughan Williams: Thomas Tallis Fantasia, Atlanta Symphony.

Time's running out. Next time, The Matrix. Maybe. (That's where the Post's title is from.)

Editor's note (that's me): I tried to make a point about the absurdity and horror of war, but it was clumsy and rushed. Just getting back into this writing thing. Sometimes it's ok to just talk about a fun movie with great acting.